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The oldest city in Holland, which long ago laid the foundation of the liberated Netherlands as we know them today, lives in close harmony with the water surrounding it. For a long time it has been a major trading town thanks to the inland seaport and its position alongside major rivers. However, the water gives and takes, and its vagary has forced Dordrecht’s inhabitants to be innovative and establish new connections. The city still is in a constant flux of change, and its rich culture, nature, strategic location and solid knowledge infrastructure makes it a unique and valued place to live, do business and prosper.

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About Dordrecht

The historic centre of Dordrecht is home to numerous monuments and urban facilities that distinguish the city at regional and even national level. Thanks to the harmonious combination of culture and nature, the city’s residents enjoy and appreciate a high quality of life. Over the past 10 to 15 years, there have been heavy investments in the city, including the sustainable transformation of cultural heritage into locations with cultural and/or economic value. At the same time, the Dordrecht Inland Seaport and industrial sites have also been addressed in order to provide space for innovation, change and better infrastructural improvements and connections.

Gemeente Alblasserdam
Gemeente Dordrecht
Gemeente Hardinxveld Giessendam
Gemeente Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
Gemeente Papendrecht
Gemeente Sliedrecht
Gemeente Zwijndrecht
Port of Rotterdam

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